The 5 Most Common Labeling Mistakes Efficient Business Intergrators

The 5 Most Common Labeling Mistakes

Are you at Risk?

Production shutdown, hard drive crashes, loss of man hours, lawsuits, government sanction, costly shipping errors, and customer fines or loss of the customer’s business altogether…these all sound scary but can your labeling system create these problems for you?  If your organization labels things, then most likely the answer is yes!

The problem often sneaks up on you.  The accumulation of labeling system setup errors may cause a slow drip of wasted tasks and activities in production wearing away at your company’s profitably.  You may not notice the loss of company resources with wasted label materials and unnecessary IT support calls.  On the other extreme, lack or good labeling system discipline, control, and maintenance can lead to catastrophic system failure.  These problems often appear to come from nowhere and bring the business to a halt.  In either case, the risk is hidden but real.

Most of these issues can be prevented.  Many of the ‘slow drip’ problems are easily solved.  Preparing for the catastrophic ones allow you to reduce the downtime from hours or days to just minutes.  In this guide we hope to help you understand the common issues and if they might affect you, assess the potential impact to your business, and explain what you can do about it.


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