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This online, semi-personal journal offers the opinion and commentary of the authors on topics relevant to our clients. These blogs feature thought leadership on innovative ways to use technology with a particular focus on helping clients become more efficient.


The BACKTRACK Users Group blog offers updates on new product releases and information. In addition we discuss innovate ways to use BACKTRACK to gain more control and instill more accountability in tracking items and/or inventory. A two way discussions on these topics is encouraged so users can take advantage of the cumulative knowledge and experience of the entire BACKTRACK community.

Efficient Labeling Ideas

On the Efficient Labeling Ideas blog, we share with labeling systems community unique and innovative ways to solve business problems. Postings include a wide range of perspectives from theoretical discussions about what types of labeling systems are most effective in which situation to actual live examples of unique and effective ways to deploy technology to improve speed and lower mistakes in labeling systems.

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