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This online, semi-personal journal offers the opinion and commentary of the authors on topics relevant to our clients. These blogs feature thought leadership on innovative ways to use technology with a particular focus on helping clients become more efficient.


The BACKTRACK Users Group blog offers updates on new product releases and information. In addition we discuss innovate ways to use BACKTRACK to gain more control and instill more accountability in tracking items and/or inventory. A two way discussions on these topics is encouraged so users can take advantage of the cumulative knowledge and experience of the entire BACKTRACK community.

Efficient Labeling Ideas

On the Efficient Labeling Ideas blog, we share with labeling systems community unique and innovative ways to solve business problems. Postings include a wide range of perspectives from theoretical discussions about what types of labeling systems are most effective in which situation to actual live examples of unique and effective ways to deploy technology to improve speed and lower mistakes in labeling systems.

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Labeling and GHS compliance – What you need to know

Ten years after the United Nations agreed to institute a standardized system for hazardous chemical categorizing, cialis sale site documenting, and labeling, we are on the cusp of OSHA publishing the first official pronouncement about GHS.  Since pronouncement precedes enforcement, this is a good time to start getting up to speed on what is happening and how it can impact your business. What is GHS and where did it come from? In 2003 the United Nations Economic and Social Council adopted a globally harmonized system of classification and labeling of chemicals commonly known as GHS.  The actual documentation of GHS …

The Five Most Common Labeling System Mistakes – Mistake #1

This is an excerpt from “The Five Most Common Labeling System Mistakes”.  Help us improve this article by commenting below on our blog! Mistake #1 – Creating One Label File for Each Product The Problem:  The ‘one product per label file’ dilemma As companies grow, cialis generic cure especially ones that grow fast, buy viagra they must prioritize.  Product labeling can be an afterthought in the rush to get products out the door.  Often, the process of creating a label for a new product is not really a process at all.  Someone simply takes the label file of a similar …

BACKTRACK Version 7 – Changes and How They Will Affect You

Looks Can Be Deceiving BACKTRACK version 7 is out! The GUI looks very similar to v6, generic cialis prescription but under the hood, discount cialis there are some significant changes. Overall I like what I see but, as often with change, there may be some short term pain. Below are the three most significant changes that I think most likely to affect our group. New Report Writer The old Advanced Report Writer was a nice feature in BACKTRACK. Most competitive applications don’t have such flexibility in reporting. But it was frustrating at times…it wasn’t always completely WYSIWYG and lining up …

Do You Need a Smarter Pallet Labeling System?

Do you need a smarter pallet labeling system? We recently put together a system for a client where the labeling software actually ‘talks’ to the ERP system. The project was just the type of project we like…for a small investment of time and effort we could produce some impressive benefits to our client. What type of benefits? – Reduced human errors – data comes straight from the ERP system, viagra sale pills no human intervention. – More secure the labeling system – reduced risk of system failure, viagra buy better process control – Synchronization of production and ERP systems – …

The New TEKLYNX BACKTRACK Blog– Why You Should Read This New Blog

Why this blog can help you It is no accident that our first blog on the new website was created for BACKTRACK. For some time I have thought BACKTRACK, viagra canada pilule the nature of this unique software, buy cialis and its loyal following could really use a blog. As long term users know, working with BACKTRACK can be more of an art form than a science. When I work with clients to implement and/or upgrade their systems, I get the feeling there is a sense of relief that ‘I am not alone!’ During these engagements I love to share …

The 5 Most Common Labeling Mistakes

Are you at Risk? Production shutdown, cialis buy find hard drive crashes, loss of man hours, lawsuits, government sanction, costly shipping errors, and customer fines or loss of the customer’s business altogether…these all sound scary but can your labeling system create these problems for you?  If your organization labels things, cheap then most likely the answer is yes! The problem often sneaks up on you.  The accumulation of labeling system setup errors may cause a slow drip of wasted tasks and activities in production wearing away at your company’s profitably.  You may not notice the loss of company resources with …